How Debra’s achieved a 211% increase in eCommerce revenue

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Founded in 2020, Debra’s mission has always been to provide women with correctly fitted bras that are beautiful, comfortable and affordable, no matter what shape or size they are. Since then, Debra’s has become the leading fuller busted bra store in Sydney. Specialising in professional fittings, personalised service and holding the largest range of bras, swimwear and bridal corsetry available for the fuller bust and full figured woman.
the problem

Debra’s needed to get more eCommerce revenue

Despite being the leading fuller busted bra store in Sydney, online sales weren’t as high as they could be and the ser experience on the website wasn’t up to par with that of Debra’s physical stores. With consumers transitioning to online shopping, it was clear that Debra’s eCommerce site needed to be revamped to improve the levels of revenue coming from digital channels.
The process? Here’s how we did it!

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refined digital marketing process
It's as easy as 1, 2, 3

1. We researched keyword opportunities and competitors

We knew that search channels were going to play an important role in attracting the right type of customers, so we researched highly relevant keywords that would inform site architecture for Debra's new BigCommerce site. We also looked at the experience provided by other retailers to identify opportunities to improve DeBra's online retail experience.

2. We optimised Debra's online store experience

In collaboration with Reign (Bigcommerce implementation partner) and Debra's marketing team, we migrated the old Magento website to BigCommerce and in the process improved website architecture and content, streamlined checkout experience and brought several page speed enhancements in order to make the user's shopping experience as seamless as possible. After the migration was complete we soon saw that the new site was performing at a much better rate than the previous one, showing conversion rates 30% higher than the previous site.

3. We used data to continue optimising the site

Although the new eCommerce website was a success, we knew there was more work to be done. We used data to identify what category pages to create next and we identified that the newly implemented AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) were performing exceptionally well. At first, this type of page was only available for category pages, so we knew brand pages were missing out. We found a way to extend the benefits of AMP to Brand pages and after implementation, results didn't take long. After just two weeks of implementation, organic rankings for these had improved and the site's overall conversion rate had doubled.
the results

Over a 12 month period

eCommerce Revenue
more revenue
more sales
eCommerce conversion rate

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What Debra's have to say


Marketing Manager
November has been one of the best months in history - and that's saying a lot! I am super happy and I owe you both a big thank you for all your help with our Paid Social and SEO. I think 2021 is going to be a good year


Marketing Manager for Debra's
Rafa is the most competent and reliable SEO practitioner I’ve worked with in my career. Not only is he easy to work with and so proactive, but our results following a website migration as well as the work in the year to follow have been impressive and so impactful to our bottom line. If you need SEO help, don’t look anywhere else!

Karsen Wong

Director at Reign Digital
Rafa is everything you'd want in an SEO partner! Thanks to his efforts, our client,, gained an increase in qualified organic search traffic which resulted in a significant revenue increase.

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