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We offer digital marketing and web development services for businesses across Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. We are passionate about impacting our client’s bottom line and we apply our strategic expertise to help you grow your business with a measurable and customised digital strategy.
who are we

We are Australian Digital

We offer 10+ years experience in digital marketing and a strong track record of successfully deployed digital strategies for Australia’s biggest brands. 
After working with Australia’s largest agencies for years we realised the service provided by most of them is hindered by frequent team rotation and high churn rates. An ever-changing roster of junior marketers means instability for your business and less value than you would get from a long-lasting partnership with an industry expert. When you partner with us you work directly with one of our founders, giving your business the stability and level of expertise you need to achieve your objectives.

What we sell is what we deliver!

The disconnect between departments at most agencies means that many times the sales team will sell you a dream and when it comes to the execution team to deliver it all turns into a nightmare. At Australian Digital, the person who pitches our business and the person delivering the work are the same person, and we take pride on delivering to our promise.

Experience without the overheads!

Like any other craft, true mastery in digital marketing comes from experience. We've spent our 10,000 hours (and probably more to be honest) working on digital strategies for some of the worlds biggest companies, giving us the level of expertise your business needs in their digital partner. When working with us your account isn’t just overseen by experience and run by a junior executive. With us, you work directly with Rafa or Steven, seasoned, experienced digital marketers. Our lean agency structure means you are not paying for any extra overheads that bring little value to your business such as junior staff members or the corporate boards profit margins, meaning we can be more cost effective than other agencies.

Your team is here to stay

Have you ever worked with an SEO agency, got your ways of working in place, started to see results and then, out of nowhere, their team changed and it all went to sh*t? Yep, we've all been there. It sucks. That's why we've structured Australian Digital so that you work directly with Steven or Rafa today, tomorrow, and for as long as you are with us. We aren't going anywhere.

Beyond Strategy: Action and Growth

Most SEO agencies give you a strategy but take little accountability when it comes to implementation. We take ownership of implementation and make our strategies come to life. Without this execution, you may have the best strategy in the world but you will never see results. Furthermore everything we do is backed by data! We like to focus on growth of measurable KPIS and work hard on achieving them.
we focus on value

We go beyond rankings and tailor SEO strategies
that focus on real organic growth

SEO Audit

We audit your SEO setup and presence to identify growth opportunities and design your strategy

Keyword Research

We research the keywords you should be ranking for and come up with a targeting and optimisation game plan

SEO Content

Our copywriters produce content that's optimised for SEO so that you can rank organically and reach your audience.

Technical SEO

We fix technical issues hindering your SEO performance and set your site up for maximum performance

Website Migration

A website migration without attention to SEO can ruin years of effort and jeopardize your future performance

eCommerce SEO

Target Google users who are ready to purchase and increase your online sales with our proven SEO ecommerce tactics

What do people think of our SEO services?


Rafa is probably the best SEO I know in Australia, and my own son is an SEO... so that says it all. Australian Digital's methodology and experience allowed us to achieve our business, Patton O'Donnell Architects objective in less than 12 months.

Sary Oum

Website Manager
I cannot speak more highly of Rafa from Australian Digital. He is responsive and very knowledgeable on technical SEO and we are seeing great results already. During our new website launch, he went above and beyond to help us migrate our website for which we are extremely grateful for. If professional SEO advice and results is what you're after, I highly recommend Australian Digital.


Marketing Manager for Debra's
Rafa is the most competent and reliable SEO practitioner I’ve worked with in my career. Not only is he easy to work with and so proactive, but our results following a website migration as well as the work in the year to follow have been impressive and so impactful to our bottom line. If you need SEO help, don’t look anywhere else!

Sarah Stranger

Commercial Manager at Agrifunder
Would not hesitate to recommend Rafa and Australian Digital's services to anyone. Professional and great to work with.

Kirsty Garrett

CEO of Doctors on Demand
Steven is a team of experts in the one person. Smart strategy, smart analytics and excellent execution. Australian Digital has made a significant direct impact on our revenue in a relatively short period of time.

Karsen Wong

Director at Reign Digital
Rafa is everything you'd want in an SEO partner! Thanks to his efforts, our client,, gained an increase in qualified organic search traffic which resulted in a significant revenue increase.

Carolina Meehan

Marketing Specialist at Aveo
He is not only an expert in digital marketing and strategy, websites, SEO, Analytics and so on. He also has a deep understanding of business operations in general.

Samantha Nemeny

Content Marketing Manager at hipages
Steven and the team at Australian Digital understood our requirements. They were hugely proactive in providing us with clear strategic advice and always met execution on time. They went above and beyond, always helping us improve.

Colm Flanagan

Growth Marketer at hipages
I engaged Australian Digital to help with a single digital strategy project but we've since engaged with them across 3 departments. Because of their strengths in strategy, reliable outputs, and ability to drive great outcomes for us. Highly recommend.

Amanda Yeates

Operations Manager at Doctors on Demand
Steven at Australian Digital has really produced great results for our business. He is extremely thorough and provides great feedback through reporting. So easy to work with. Highly recommend.

Tim Rahr

Owner at Precise Medical
Extremely knowledgeable, and fast efficient service. I would highly recommend Australian Digital if you're serious about your online business development.

Alex Rahr

Owner at Precise Medical
I've worked with Steven and Australian Digital for over a year now. The ROI they have driven our online business outweighed our expectations. I wouldn’t want anyone else managing our digital marketing.

Our SEO Case Studies

How hipages achieved a 108% increase in organic conversions

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Frequently Asked SEO-
related Questions

We love educating on the value of SEO and how it works, so to help you with your decision making here are some of the SEO-related questions we frequently get asked about.

How much does SEO cost?

The cost of SEO will be completely different depending on the size of your opportunity, how competitive your industry is and, ultimately, the amount of work required to achieve your business objectives. However, in order to achieve results we've found that a minimum of $3K a month is required. Rather than focusing on cost, it's worth seeing SEO as an investment and focusing on value instead. Given that gains in SEO continue to reap you benefits years after the work was done, it's likely that investing in SEO that works will be an investment that will bring a positive ROI.

How long will SEO take to get results?

Every scenario is different. Depending on the market you operate in, how active your competitors are, and how established their presence is compared to yours, it will take more or less work to achieve the growth you are after. Generally, we find we can start seeing gains in SEO ROI within a 3 month period.

I've tried SEO before, how are Australian Digital diffrent?

Most SEO agencies tell you what you should do, pat themselves on the shoulder and move on. We do the implementations too because without it, you may have the best strategy in the world but you will never see results. We only work with clients who allow us to implement or have the means to implement with our supervision. This ensures a strong ROI on all our activity.

Beyond Strategy: Action and Growth

Most SEO agencies give you a strategy but take little accountability when it comes to implementation. We take ownership of implementation and make our strategies come to life. Without this execution, you may have the best strategy in the world but you will never see results. Furthermore everything we do is backed by data! We like to focus on growth of measurable KPIS and work hard on achieving them.

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