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We offer Paid Search services for businesses across Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. Our specialist team is 100% certified and has worked across all major verticals, so you can rest assured that your account is taken care of by seasoned professionals.
who are we

We are Australian Digital

We offer 10+ years experience in digital marketing and a strong track record of successfully deployed digital strategies for Australia’s biggest brands. 
After working with Australia’s largest agencies for years we realised the service provided by most of them is hindered by frequent team rotation and high churn rates. An ever-changing roster of junior marketers means instability for your business and less value than you would get from a long-lasting partnership with an industry expert. When you partner with us you work directly with one of our founders, giving your business the stability and level of expertise you need to achieve your objectives.

What we sell is what we deliver!

The disconnect between departments at most agencies means that many times the sales team will sell you a dream and when it comes to the execution team to deliver it all turns into a nightmare. At Australian Digital, the person who pitches our business and the person delivering the work are the same person, and we take pride on delivering to our promise.

Experience without the overheads!

Like any other craft, true mastery in digital marketing comes from experience. We've spent our 10,000 hours (and probably more to be honest) working on digital strategies for some of the worlds biggest companies, giving us the level of expertise your business needs in their digital partner. When working with us your account isn’t just overseen by experience and run by a junior executive. With us, you work directly with Rafa or Steven, seasoned, experienced digital marketers. Our lean agency structure means you are not paying for any extra overheads that bring little value to your business such as junior staff members or the corporate boards profit margins, meaning we can be more cost effective than other agencies.

Your team is here to stay

Have you ever worked with an Paid Search agency, got your ways of working in place, started to see results and then, out of nowhere, their team changed and it all went to sh*t? Yep, we've all been there. It sucks. That's why we've structured Australian Digital so that you work directly with Steven or Rafa today, tomorrow, and for as long as you are with us. We aren't going anywhere.

Beyond Strategy: Action and Growth

Most Paid Search agencies give you a strategy but take little accountability when it comes to implementation. We take ownership of implementation and make our strategies come to life. Without this execution, you may have the best strategy in the world but you will never see results. Furthermore everything we do is backed by data! We like to focus on growth of measurable KPIS and work hard on achieving them.
we focus on value

We go beyond search ads and cpcs and focus on 

 driving growth through search

Paid Search Audit

We’ll review your current activity and provide a full report with best practice recommendations to follow.

Paid Search Strategy

We'll strategise how to get your pages ranking highly in Google search results for queries related to your business.

Campaign Set Up

We'll set up your search advertising or PPC campaigns and boost your online visibility.

Monthly Optimisations

Always-on paid search testing and optimisation to maximise return on your investment.

Display Ads

Increase brand exposure and connect with potential customers on Google's Display Network.

Remarketing Ads

Re-engage with consumers who almost converted but left your site before becoming customers.

What do people think of our 
Paid Search Services?

Kirsty Garrett

CEO of Doctors on Demand
Steven is a team of experts in the one person. Smart strategy, smart analytics and excellent execution. Australian Digital has made a significant direct impact on our revenue in a relatively short period of time.

Mandy Scotney

GM of Bodymindlife
They get amazing results, they really know their stuff... and they're great to work with. In a world of thousands of 'digital experts', Australian Digital are the standout.

Amanda Yeates

Operations Manager at Doctors on Demand
Steven at Australian Digital has really produced great results for our business. He is extremely thorough and provides great feedback through reporting. So easy to work with. Highly recommend.

Tim Rahr

Owner at Precise Medical
Extremely knowledgeable, and fast efficient service. I would highly recommend Australian Digital if you're serious about your online business development.

Alex Rahr

Owner at Precise Medical
I've worked with Steven and Australian Digital for over a year now. The ROI they have driven our online business outweighed our expectations. I wouldn’t want anyone else managing our digital marketing.

Our Paid Search Case Studies

How Doctors on Demand increased paid search revenue by 420%

View case study

Frequently Asked Paid Search Questions

We love educating on the value of Paid Search Advertising and how it works, so to help you with your decision making here are some of the Paid Search Advertising related questions we frequently get asked about.

Paid Search (CPC) or SEO, how should I invest?

There isn't a blanket answer to this question and our investment recommendations will depend on the digital maturity of your business, where the opportunities lie, and if you have budget to support them both. In general, SEO and PPC work great together: SEO optimisations will impact PPC performance positively and the data PPC campaigns provide can help steer your SEO strategy. Another benefit of complementing SEO with PPC is that while search engine optimisation is a mid to long term play, PPC campaigns can bring you (Paid) visitors from day one while your SEO presence builds up.

Paid Search (CPC) or SEO, how should I invest?

Paid search has proven to be one of the highest ROAS channels. Being a "pull" channel, brands can connect with their potential customers exactly at the moment when they are searching for products and services relevant to them.

When will I see results?

Generally, if your campaign has been set up correctly, you should see initial results almost right away. However, depending on your vertical and budget it can take some time to find and optimise to best performing keyword segments. We generally recommend to allow campaigns between 4-6 weeks.

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