How hipages 
achieved a 108% increase
in  organic conversions

The client

We partnered with

hipages provides a better, smarter way to connect tradies and consumers and get the job done well. They are on a mission to make home improvement effortlessly efficient, creating a seamless experience for tradies and homeowners in place of the current unreliable – and unproductive – process that makes it a feat of mutual endurance.
the problem

hipages needed their content to rank better organically

Despite having an impressive amount of content available for their consumers with over 7,000 articles, hipages wasn’t getting the organic traffic they deserved. A high percentage of their articles wasn’t receiving any traffic from Google due to a lack of keyword focus and insufficient internal links from related content within their site.
The process? Here’s how we did it!

We use our
refined digital marketing process
It's as easy as 1, 2, 3

1. We audited hipages's existing content

We audited over 7,000 articles and started working in a number of priority categories. We grouped related content into clusters and identified internal linking opportunities, as well as improvements to content targeting. We identified articles cannibalising each other in the search engines and provided a plan of attack to clean up and improve those clusters.

2. We optimised content and interlinked in clusters

Once the content audit had been performed and we had identified the action plan, we started consolidating and optimising existing content, interlinking articles within a cluster, and creating new content pieces to fill in the gaps and bring everything to life.

3. We iterated and added FAQs to the content strategy

While we were working on execution, Google released a new type of snippet for FAQs that was perfectly suited for the informational type of content we were producing. We jumped at the opportunity and developed a two sided approach: from a content side of things, we started briefing copywriters on what type of related FAQs they should write answers to. From a technical standpoint, we worked with hipages web development team on the implementation of schema markup for FAQs. As a result, not only we received a number of FAQ snippets but increased organic rankings further thanks to the added value of FAQ content.
the results

Over a 6 month period

SEO Conversions
more sales
SEO Traffic
more users
SEO Conversion Value

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What hipages have to say

Samantha Nemeny

Content Marketing Manager at hipages
Steven and the team at Australian Digital understood our requirements. They were hugely proactive in providing us with clear strategic advice and always met execution on time. They went above and beyond, always helping us improve.

Colm Flanagan

Growth Marketer at hipages
I engaged Australian Digital to help with a single digital strategy project but we've since engaged with them across 3 departments. Because of their strengths in strategy, reliable outputs, and ability to drive great outcomes for us. Highly recommend.

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